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During your stay, we will try to respect your privacy at all times. we do however reserve the right to enter your room when you break our house rules.

Communal areas

Please keep the communal areas and shared facilities, like the dormitories, showers, bathrooms and the courtyard, tidy and clean after you’ve used them.


If you would like something heated in the microwave or if you need a plate and cutlery, please ask our staff. The kitchen is not open for guests without permission.


Between 12:00 and 16:00 we are cleaning the rooms, dormitories and bathrooms. The dormitories and rooms are closed in this time. If you’re staying with us for more than one day you can stay on your bed or in your room.


When you’re staying for a longer period of time and would like your bedlinen to be changed, please ask our staff. We will only freshen up beds on your request. If you notify us before 11:00 your bed will be made the same day.

Check-in and check-out

You can check-in between 16:00 and 22:00. Check-out is at 12:00 on the day of departure. Would you like to check-in early or later? Please send an email or call us. We can let you know if the room is ready for you when you’re planning on arriving early and our staff will know to expect you in case of a late arrival.

If you arrive before 16:00 you can always store your luggage in our luggage room while we finish cleaning the room.


Outside, in our courtyard, you are allowed to smoke. Smoking isn’t allowed anywhere inside the hotel. There is a € 50,- fine for smoking inside the rooms and dormitories.

Alcohol and drugs

Alcohol abuse and the use of drugs is prohibited. You’re not allowed to take alcohol and drugs with you to the dormitory. In the courtyard you’re also not allowed to use soft drugs.

Noise disturbance

The hostel is quiet between 23:00 and 7:00. Please be considerate of other guests when you arrive late at night. Please don’t play loud music in the dormitories or in the courtyard.

Personal belongings

Large luggage, like suitcases and bags that do not fit into our lockers, can be stored in our luggage room. You can rent a locker but you need to bring your own lock, or you can buy one from us for €3,00. The use of the luggage room and lockers is on your own risk. Simplon Hostel is not liable for theft or loss of property.

Vandalism and missing goods

In case of theft or destruction of property we will inform the police. Guests will be held accountable for any damages they inflict upon the hostel or the property of our guests. Simplon Hostel can not be held accountable in case of theft or loss.

In case of fire

If the fire alarm rings, please remain calm and follow the instructions of the staff.

Pets and animals

Pets are not allowed inside the hostel, with the exception of guide dogs.


If you’re staying with us in a group we will try to make sure you’re all close together in the same dormitory. There may still be other guests in the dormitory, please be mindful of your fellow guests. For groups larger than 8 persons we ask for a deposit. If a member of the group breaks the house rules the deposit can be withheld.


· The walkways must remain free for other guests

· Please use the trash bin.

· In the dormitories you are not allowed to eat and drink.

· Don’t cause unnecessary noise, don’t play loud music and please be mindful of your fellow (sleeping) guests when entering the dormitory in the evening and at night.

· Extend your stay before 12:00. If you haven’t extended your stay and your belongings are still on the bed, our staff will remove them. You can pick them up at the reception

· Don’t set an alarm. Would you like to be woken up? Please ask at the reception. Our staff will wake you.


Have respect for other guests and our staff. Behave yourself in accordance with our house rules. If you behave yourself in an offensive or inappropriate manner you, or members of your group, can be denied access. Behaviour we consider to be inappropriate includes: Drunken and unnecessarily loud behaviour, behaviour that breaks our house rules, behaviour that is offensive to other guests or our staff.

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